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The 1999 Mongol-American Archaeological Expedition to Egiin Gol is looking for several volunteers to help with a third year expedition to the alpine-steppe valley of the Egiin Gol river, north central Mongolia.

Crew at Egiin Gol, Summer 1998


Researchers from the University of Michigan and the University of California, Berkeley along with Mongolian archaeologists and students will continue our explorations in the Egiin Gol river valley. The data we collect will shed new light on the development of confederations among steppe nomads during the Bronze and Early Iron Ages.
Because the Government of Mongolia has proposed constructing a hydro-electric dam on the Egiin Gol river, there is increased urgency surrounding our project. We are committed to salvaging important information concerning the early populations in this part of the world--populations that our research suggests may have inhabited this area as long as 20,000 years ago.

A survey discovery--a group of Sanskrit inscribed Buddhist stones

from the 19th century

Our survey and excavations from previous summers have so far uncovered stone tool sites, magnificent stone kurgans from the Late Bronze Age, burials from the time of Genghis Khan, and ruined Buddhist monasteries. During the 1999 field season we will continue our survey into two remote side valleys and begin excavation at four new sites.

Summer flowers at a Bronze Age Site at Egiin Gol

The Egiin Gol valley is beautiful in the summer. While volunteers learn first-hand about archaeology, they will also have the opportunity to visit nomadic families, ride Mongol ponies through the valley, and fish the waters of a pristinely clear steppe river. There are a number of volunteer sessions available for June and July and a tax deductible donation is requested to assist with expedition expenses.

Would like to see some artifacts and photos of Egiin Gol?

Petroglyphs (Rock Art) Near Egiin Gol

We invite you to join us this summer. If you would like more information and an application, please see the  Participant Information and Application web-pages or send us a request through e-mail at All applications must be submitted by April 20, 1999 and early applications are encouraged.


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