Artifacts were excavated from Level 1 to Level 6. An incredible quantity Ğmore than 4000Ğastragal (no. 28) were found within the mound at all levels. (Astragal is a bone found in the back ankle of ovids and bovine.) The vast majority of the astragal were sheep with a smathering of cow, mountain goat also known as muflon, and antelope, their astragal distinctive because of the yellow color. A considerable number of horse teeth were also votive offerings as were sheep scapula. The wooden box placed at the center top of the mound, identified as Feature 1 (29-30), contained a ceramic pot that had been filled with wheat. Within the box we discovered a Djungar bronze arrowhead, two cowry shells, a silver gilt bead, a carved disc that resembled a wheel, and a thin piece of wood with an inscription that dated the offering to shortly after 1645 (no. 31).

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28. Astragal and other artifacts
29/ Ceramic glazed pot in situ in Feature 1
30 Detail of pot in Feature 1
31. Artifacts in Feature 1