Other archaeological monuments in the region indicated that the area had been occupied since the Bronze Age (no. 4). An unusual "deerstone" (deerstone are stele carved with various images including deer) (no. 5), in this case incised with superimposed horses, represent the transitional phase between the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age. A strong presence of Turkic peoples is noted in Uvs aimag (nos. 6-8). These people are said to have originated only a short distance to the north before migrating south into the Uvs aimag region; from there they spilt, some went east as far as central Mongolia while others began a long migration to the west. It is from these people that modern-day populations such as the Kazaks, Kyrgyz, Tatars, Bashkorts and the people of Turkey originated.

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4. Bronze Age Stone Stele, second Millennium BC
5. Deer Stone, Transition Period, early 1st millennium BC
6. Turkic Period cultic monument, 600-900 AD
8. Balbal in situ, near Uureg Nur,Turkic Period 600-900 BC
7. Balbal, Turkic Period, 600-900 BC