After the thick layer of stones of Level 1 was removed, a wooden construction, labeled Feature 1 (no. 12, 13), was revealed at the center top of the mound (more about this later). At Level 2, which was made up of a layer of dark humus soil, around the interior edges of the mound large quantities of wood were exposed (no. 14), particularly in Quadrants I and IV which are along the northern side of the mound. These wood fragment had the appearance of shavings and fragments of wood from carvings that were made at the site. We also found a quantity of carved wooden votive objects. Fourteen Mongol students from the Institute of History arrived in late June and began to removed the humus from Level 2 at which time a second layer of field stones was encountered and labeled Level 3 (no. 15). The ancient nomads had incorporated a Bronze Age stone stele (no. 16) into the moundŐs construction, transporting it for some unknown distance.

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12. Feature 1 from the top
13. Feature 1, exposed
14. Wood in situ
15. Removing more stones
16. Bronze Age stele