Khazar Times Fortress Golden Hills (Zolotiye Gorki)

Excavations – 2002

The Khazar times fortress Golden Hills is located in Russia in the lower Don region on a high terrace of Aksay river. In June 2002, the expedition of Rostov State University and American Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads (CSEN) began the excavations of the fortress. The expedition consisted of Russian, American, and English archaeologists and volunteers.

Geomagnetic research of part of the territory was carried out. In addition, about 100 square meters of the fortress were excavated. The most interesting objects were the stone walls of some buildings, a ceramic kiln, a kitchen pit, and four burials. One of the burials had artifacts dating to the 8th-9th centuries AD. A large collection of ceramic sherds was encountered throughout the fortress.

The artifacts and the information are being studied. In a month the photos of the artifacts and the results of the geomagnetic research will be available.

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