Photos by KSEN

The photos in this section of the gallery were taken by the KSEN kids and staff. Hitachi very graciously donated three digital still/video cameras for us to gather these amazing shots with. The cameras were wonderful for many reasons. First, they were terrific "ice breakers". Most of the nomads became extremely warm and friendly after being shown their image on the camera screen. These cameras were also silent. It was so easy to bring them into special ceremonies without being obtrusive and offensive. They required no focusing and took the photo effortlessly without constant pressure on the shutter button. This allowed us to capture shots that would normally be lost with other cameras. Finally, they were easy for the kids to learn to operate. A card in the camera recorded all the photos, popped out when full, and popped into our Apple Powerbook G3 for simple downloading. We did use 35 mm cameras as well. Approximately 3 percent of the photos in this gallery were taken with the 35 mm. Some of the photos in this section will be on display at the International Museum of Children's Art in San Francisco, CA from April to July, 2000.