A Wedding

On the 10th of July a nomadic couple was married. First, we headed to the bride's old home. There, all her family and friends were packing up her things and gifts to take to her new ger. After they loaded all the belongings into the truck, they headed over to the bride's new home. At the new home, the bride and groom were standing outside. Before we could enter the ger, the family had to go in first. Each family member took a sip of milk and then kissed the bride and groom. Then we went in. Like usual, the women sat on the right, the men on the left. When we were all in the ger, it was packed with people. There really was no place to walk. During the feast, koumiss-fermented mares milk-and milk tea were passed around. The Mongolians sang throughout the snacking time. Their singing was so strong and loud. After the singing, gifts were given to the couple. They received carpets, cloths, pillows, and a television (there is electricity in their winter homes). Apparently, the nomadic wedding has seven steps, which take place over 7 different days. We showed up for the last step, which must just be the celebration. We are not sure of the other 6 steps yet. That's something next years group can figure out.