Without Powerbar's generous supply of Powerbars, especially the peanut butter chocolate chip flavor, the KSEN kids just might have become extremely homesick and left the expedition much earlier than intended. We ate Powerbars everyday. We took the bars on expeditions to the nomadŐs homes, gave them to the nomads as thank yous for interviewing with us, and used them for energy on the hikes home. They also were used as a "break-time" food at the site where we were excavating.

In addition to the boxes of snack foods, Powerbar donated t-shirts and hats, which were worn by the KSEN team, the archaeologists, and the nomads. These items were invaluable when breaking the ice with the indigenous people. We were fortunate to have received an invitation to a nomadic wedding. To show our appreciation, we gathered gifts from the other Americans with us and included two Powerbar shirts, which were given to the bride and groom. The groom wore his shirt the next day when he won the wrestling competition during Nadaam, the most important Mongolian festival of the year.

Powerbar also donated their powered sports drink. This was useful when a couple of crewmembers became too sick to eat. They drank this drink, loaded with electrolytes, and did not become dehydrated as a result.

Wendy Smith, our energetic Powerbar contact, deserves many thanks because she helped make this donation possible. It is really true that one person can make a difference. Many thanks to Powerbar for supplying its superior products to this KSEN expedition and for making expeditions like these possible!

Suzanne Lettrick, KSEN director