Zinat Press

Press Zinat Press is a subsidiary of the American-Eurasian Research Institute, Inc. and publishes book that are of interest to the study of Eurasian nomads and archaeolgy including:

Nomads of the Eurasian Steppes in the Early Iron Age. 1995. Jeannine DAVIS-KIMBALL, Vladimir A. BASHILOV, Leonid T. YABLONSKY (eds.) Zinat Press: Berkeley, California USA.

Jeannine Davis-Kimball and Leonid T. Yablonsky. 1995. Kurgans on the Left Bank of the Ilek: Excavations at Pokrovka 1990-1992.

Zinat Press: Berkeley, CA USA. German A. Fedorov. 2001. The Silk Road and the Citites of the Golden Horde. Alexander Nymark (tr.). Jeannine Davis-Kimball (ed.). Zinat Press: Berkeley, CA USA.

Zinat Press is currently preparing for publicaion a manuscript by the Mongolian artist and ethnographer, Byambadorj.This book will feature 110 pen, ink, watercolor, and colored-pencil drawings by the artist. In addition, text will provide fascinating information about the gers, costumes, guns, libators, and a variety of other accoutrments that are part of the Mongolian way of life. To be published 2003.

Below is an a copy of the illustration and description of Plate 43 from the Byambadorj book.

Plate 43. Terleg deel (man’s summer deel) and hantaaz (man’s jacket). Terleg: brocaded silk, cotton lining. Hantaaz: silk, horgoi. Horgoi lavishly trims the edges of the hantaaz. The Khalkh people normally wear blue, yellow, and maroon colored costumes. The jackets, with a Mandarin collar and narrow piping, are beautifully made and decorated. They are worn over the deel at Naadam and other special occasions.
Iljigen Khalkh, 20th century. RRM, Undurkhaan sum, Uvs aimag.