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Reports of each year's excavations will published under the title Kurgans on the Left Bank of the Ilek: Excavations at Pokrovka (1990 to1992, 1993, 1994, 1995).

Currently available

Kurgans on the Left Bank of the Ilek:Excavations at Pokrovka 1990-1992


Jeannine Davis-Kimball and Leonid T. Yablonsky

with contributions by

V. A. Demkin, N. L. Morgunova, Ya. G. Ryskov, T. N. Truanaeva, and J. F. Vedder

Softcover, 160 pp., 2 maps, 60 pp. illustrations selected bibliography.

ISBN 1-885979-01-0 $22.50 plus shipping.


Table of Contents

Acknowledgements...Jeannine Davis-Kimbal

lIntroduction...Jeannine Davis-Kimball and Leonid T. Yablonsky

1990 Survey of Pokrovka Cementeries; Survey of Troitsk Cemeteries... Leonid T. Yablonsky and Jeannine Davis-Kimball

Analysis of the Contents of the Mortuary Pottery... V. A. Demkin, Ya. G. Ryskov, and Jeannine Davis-Kimball

Excavation Data

1991 Data ...Nina L. Morgunova, Tatiana N. Trunaeva, and Jeannine Davis-Kimball

1992 Data... Jeannine Davis-Kimball, Leonid T. Yablonsky, James Vedder, and Nina Morgunova


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