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Donskaya Arkheologia Journal

Vol. 1, 1998

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Tribes and Peoples

Maximenko V. The antique tradition of the Don inhabitants 4

Bogatchenko T. The Amazons — women-warriors 13

Articles, publications, notes  

Prokhorov T. The rite of the right hand cutting — the specific feature of Scythian cult of the thunderstorm deity 20

Glebov V., Smolyak A. The early Sarmatian sepulchral site on the isle of Porechniy 25

Gurkin S. The shrines of Polovetz age with wooden carved images from the excavations of Volgo-Don archaeological party of Lenin-grad

Branch of Archaeology Instituteof Academy of Science 29

Guguev U. The Polovetz shrine with a wooden statue on the left bank of the river manich 38

Potapov V. The sepulchral site with an alakhulian vessel near the village of Orlovskiy 43

Glebov V., Yatsenko Y. The later nomad sepulchral site on the north of the Rostov region 46

Yatsenko S. The Tanais alan names of the second half of II — the first half of III c.a.d. as a historic source 54

Ilyukov L. The stone table (bowl) from the khutor of Krasnodvorskiy 56

Rogudeev V. Of one tipe of bone tools for leather production 60

From the history of the Don archaeology  

Korolyev V. Aleksey Andreevitch Martinov 64

Boyko A. The Azov people and archaeology 71

Larenok V. Medieval complexes from the excavations of A. and M.Miller at the beginning of the XX century 77

Archaeological masterpieces  

Ilyukov L. The collection of the antique treasure 88

From the history of weapons and military art

Ivanesko A. Nart weapons (on the base of Osetian legends) 92

Archaeological Mysteries  

Larenok V. Mysteries and paradoxes of the excavation site ? 296

Critical articles and bibliography 102

Chronicles 108

The list of abbreviations 109

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