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Donskaya Arkheologia Journal

Vol. 1, 1999

Table of Contents

From the Editor  4

Tribes and Peoples  

Korolyov V.N. Don Cossack towns 5

Articles, Publications, Notes  

Dyomkin V.A., Dyomkina T.S. Stories told by steppe burial mounds 24

Naumenko S.A., Bezuglov S.I. New finds of Byzantine and Iranian import in the steppes along the Don 35

Vnukov.S.U. The chronological variations of lightclay amphora with double-barreled arms 43

Ilukov L.S., Vlaskin M.V. A caster’s sepulchral site of the later Sarmatian culture 50

Tekhov B.V. A chariot image on the etched belt from Tli 57

Potapov V.V. Chernogorovsk sepulchral sites in the lower reaches of the left bank of the Don 62

Kosyanenko V.M. A jar from the Kizitirinsk ancient town barrow 69

From the History of the Don Archaeology  

Boyko A.L. To the history of the antique town of Tanais studies 70

Korshikov N.S., Mininkov N.A. New documents concerning the right-bank Tsimlyansk ancient town site 84

Archaeological masterpieces  

Yazovskih A.G. A terracotta statue of a maenad from the Yelizavetovsk ancient town excavations 90

Bezuglov S.I., Yatsenko V.V. A Tanais bronze mask-punch of the age of the migration of peoples 93

Reconstruction and Restoration  

Matyukhin A.E. On types and role of the experiment in primeval archaeology 98

Prischepa A.A. Replication of the terracotta sculpture of a maenad from the Rostov Local Lore Museum Funds 104

Kirman V.G. An attempt of technological procedure reconstruc-tion of making the ceramics of the Middle Bronze Age on the Don 107

Archaeological Mysteries  

Kozuymenko E.V., Vereschyagin V.V. A sketch on “the rug” 111

Reviews and Bibliography 114

Chronicle 121

The List of Abbreviations 123

The Standards of Article Formatting 124


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