The Silk Road and the Cities of the Golden Horde


German A. Fedorov-Davydov

A Review

by Jeannine Davis-Kimball

With a contribution by V.V. Dvornichenko; English editor, Jeannine Davis-Kimball; Russian acquistion, Alexander Leskov; English translation, Alexander Nymark.The Silk Road and the Cities of the Golden Horde. Berkeley, CA: Zinat Press.

Pp. 210. Narrative has 32 B&W Figures; 109 B&W Plates, and 116 Catalogue entries. Glossary, Bibliography, and Index. $42.50 plus shipping.

Fedorov-Davydov, the archaeologist who excavated Medieval cities along the Silk Road, shares his exquisite finds with us as we follow him through the Eurasian steppes. The Golden Horde, descendants of Genghis Khan, scourge of the West, raid and trade with the Chinese in the East and with Iran, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Italy in the West. Drawing from archaeology and the diaries of adventures, envoys, and ambassadors who visited the ulus, ordos, and courts of the great khans, the author draws a picture of the life of the nobility and commoners who, once were nomads, but now build cities along the Volga and Don rivers and as far west as Moldova. Their treasures of gold and silver, embellished with precious stones and hordes of coins, reveal a history we never suspected. Published in Europe, this is the first work of Davydov-Ferorov, which appears posthumously, to be available in English.

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Note: All the plates illustrated in The Silk Road and the Cities of the Golden Horde are on the CSEN Website.

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