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Nomads of the Eurasian Steppes in the Early Iron Age

Edited by

Jeannine Davis-Kimball, Vladimir A. Bashilov, and Leonid T. Yablonsky

438 pp, 490 illustrations, 19 maps, extensive bibliography, index, index of contemporary authors. ISBN 188579-00-2.

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This anthology focuses on the Scythian, Sauromatian, Sarmatian, and Saka Iron Age nomads who inhabited the Eurasian steppes in the first millennium BC. Written by ten of the foremost archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences, the material presents a survey of Soviet archaeology from 1960 to1990. The majority of the material, including many illustrations, has never been published in English before this volume.

Table of Contents

Foreword...Jeannine Davis-Kimball

Introduction... Vladimir A. Bashilov and Leonid T. Yablonsky

Part I. The Scythians

1. Scythican Culture in the North Caucasus...Vladimir G. Petrenko

2. Scythians of Southeastern Europe...Anna I. Melyukova

3. Scythian Culture in the Crimea... Valery S. Olkhovsky

Part II. The Sauromatians and Sarmatians

4. A Brief Review of the History of the Sauromatian and Sarmatian Tribes... Marina G. Moshkova

5. History of the Studies of the Sauromatian and Sarmatian Tribes...Marina Moshkova

6. Saruomatians and Sarmatians of the Eurasian Steppes: The Transitional Period from the Bronze Age... Vladimir V. Dvornichenko

7. Sauromatian Culture... Vladimir V. Dvornichenko

8. Early Sarmatian Culture... Zoya A. Barbarunova

9. Middle Sarmatian Culture... Marina G. Moshkova

11. Sarmatians in the North Caucasus... Maya P. Abramova

12. Sarmatians: Some Concluding Remarks... Marina G. Moshkova

Part III. The Saka in Central Asia

13. Written Sources and the History of Archaeologicl Studies of the Saka in Central Asia... Leonid T. Yablonsky

14. The Material Culture of the Saka and Historical Reconstruction... Leonid T. Yablonsky

15. Some Ethnogenetical Hypothesis... Leonid T. Yablonsky

Part IV. Scythians in Siberia

16. History of Studies and the Main Problems in the Archaeology of Southern Siberia During the Scythian Period... Nikolai A. Bokovenko

17. Tuva During the Scythian Period... Nikolai A. Bokovenko

18. Scythian Culture in the Altai Mountains... Nikolai A. Bokovenko

19. The Tagar Culture in the Minusinsk Basin... Nikolai A. Bokovenko

Part V. Early Nomads of Mongolia

20 Early Nomads of Mongolia...Vitali V. Volkov

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