Table of Contents

Archaeology, Palaeoecology, and Palaeodemography of Eurasia

Foreword V. S. Olkhovskiy

"Sanctuaries of the Aral and Caspian Steppes: Some Results and Perspectives" B. Genito, V.S. Olkhovskiy, Z. S. Samashev, A. –P. Frankfort


"Ancient Eurasian Pastoralists and the Environment" F. T. Hiebert, N. I Shishlina

"Engineering and Geological Conditions of Creation and Function of the Baite Cult Complex" O.E. Vyazkova

"Some Features of Destructive Seismic Activity on Archaeological Sites of West Ustyurt" A. A. Nikonov, V. S. Olkhovskiy

"The Burial in the Main Cult Structure of the Teren Sanctuary: a Multidisciplinary Bioarchaeological Study" V. S. Olkhovskiy, M. B. Mednikova, I. V. Ovchinnikov, O. I. Ovchinnikov, E. V. Veselovskaya, E. B. Druzina

"Palaeodemographic Analysis of Anthropological Materials of the Jetyasar Archaeological Culture" M. B. Mednikova

"Archaeological Materials from the Main Cult Structure of the Baite III Sanctuary" Ye. Ye Antipina, V. S. Olkhovskiy


"The Research of Contacts Between Farming and Steppe Populations in Southern Central Asia (South Tadjikistan) in the Late Bronze Age" N. M. Vinogradova

"Concerning the Chronology of the Late Bronze Age Complexes Containing Daggers from north China" Chzhun Suk-Be

"Concerning the Origin of Stage Stelae of the Western Region" A. A. Kovalev

"The Statues of Early Nomads from Kabardino-Balkariya" B. Kh. Atabiev

"Ancient Near Eastern Rosettes from the Cherkassy Region (Ukraine)" S. V. Makhortykh, O. O. Kolesnik

"On the So-Called "Near Eastern" Helmets Found in the North" Caucasus A. I Ivantchik

"The Early Iron Age Stelae and Anthropomorphic Statues from the South Urals Steppes" S. Yu. Gutzalov, A. D. Tairov

"Monumental Sculpture of Eurasia Nomads: The Problems of Systematic Study" V. S. Olkhovskiy

"Copper Cauldrons from the Indian Subcontinent and Pamirs: The Ancient Connections of the Two Regions" B. A. Litvinsky

"Concerning the Tamgas-Signs of the Baite III Sanctuary on Ustyurt (preliminary information)" V. S. Olkhovskiy, S. A. Yatzenko

"The Hunnu Barrow Cemetery of Beriktas" I M. I. Khabdulina, K. A. Akishev

"Medieval Cult Structures Discovered Near the Village of Annenskoye" V. P. Kostyukov

Description of this book

Valery S. Olkhovskiy, ed. 2000. Russian Academy of Sciences. Institute of Archaeology, and the Minister of Education and Science, Republic of Kazakhstan, A. Kh. Margulan’s Institute of Archaeology. Moscow: GEOS. Published in Russian with English summaries. Soft cover, 343 pp. Many line drawings and photographs. ISBN 5-89118-138-X.

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