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Archaeology, Palaeoecology, and Palaeodemography of Eurasia

Valery S. Olkhovskiy (Ed.)

Russian Academy of Sciences. Institute of Archaeology, and the Minister of Education and Science, Republic of Kazakhstan, A. Kh. Margulan’s Institute of Archaeology. Moscow: GEOS.. 2000. Published in Russian with English summaries. Soft cover, 343 pp. Many line drawings and photographs. US$ 30.00 plus shipping.

Nineteen papers treating two major themes: Palaeoecology and Palaeodemography of the Eurasian Steppes (six papers) and Archaeological Sources (twelve papers). Published in Russian with lengthy English summaries. This is new information concerning the Eurasian steppe cultures during the Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age. Following an introduction by Valery Olkhovskiy, the articles treat a geographical area ranging from the Caspian and Aral seas to east of the Ural Mountains and to southern Kazakstan.

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