Zinat Publications


Women Warriors: An Archaeologists Search for History's Hidden Heroines

by Jeannine Davis-Kimball

with Mona Behan

New York: Warner Books


Available in Bookstores February 14, 2002

Table of Contents

1. The Path to Pokrovka

2. An Archaeolgist in the Field

3. The Power of the Hearth

4. The Power of the Sword

5. The Power of the Spirit

6. Rich Legends: From Gold Man to Griffins

7. The Advent of the Amazons

8. China's Mysterious Mummies

9. Ancient Fertility Rituals in the Tien Shan

10. Mother Goddesses and Enarees

11. Irish Warrior Queens and the Damsels of Death

12. From Celts to Mongols: Women of Business and King Makers

13 The Legacy of Women Warriors

Glossary, Bibliography, and Index, Maps, and about 100 illustrations