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Warrior Women: An Archaeologists Search for History's Hidden Heroines

by Jeannine Davis-Kimball

with Mona Behan

New York: Warner Books. 2002


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Three Cheers for Warrior Women
My copy of Warrior Women looks as if I've owned it for years. Its pages are marked with hand written notes and many paragraphs are underlined using a felt tip pen. The book is enjoyable for three reasons.
First, it is filled with intriguing archeological theories and case studies showing how women, living across the land from China to Ireland, were part of ancient history as warriors and priestesses. The topic of massive, elaborately decorated headdresses is particularly fascinating because I learned that headdresses are "one of the oldest cultural elements ever found." Davis-Kimball uses this icon to help reinterpret and discuss women's historical fate over the centuries. The archeological facts and new ideas the author presents flow easily chapter by chapter.
Second, the book is an inspiration for modern women. Many of us have had varied lives and layers of experiences so it's inspiring to read how Davis-Kimball takes on many challenges and finds her "career as an archaeologist rather late in life." It's fun, as a reader, to be able to look over her shoulder and share her field work and sucess.
Third, the layout of the book is appealing. I especially appreciated the sidebars, footnotes and glossary. For example, the sidebar titled "The Nomadic Way" is a like a two page mini story. It defines the term Nomadic and is enjoyable to read on its own merit or return to again and again as a reference point. Words in the glossary are presented in bold, easy to read type. Some words and names, that we may be familiar with, are defined according to their meaning within the text. Such as
"AMAZONS Female warriors in Greek Mythology who aresaid to have orginated in northern Turkey."
After reading Warrior Women I'm ready to hop on an airplane and head for Central Asia and Mongolia!

Carla M. Dole from Berkeley, CA USA

April 12, 2002