Zinat Publications

Women Warriors: An Archaeologists Search for History's Hidden Heroines

by Jeannine Davis-Kimball

with Mona Behan

New York: Warner Books


Available through Zinat Press and the CSEN Website



And our book club finally met. We loved your book. Thoughts after reading it were threefold -- first, you are a good writer -- we got not just the history, but an idea of the lives of the people who investigate and uncover that history and how we should challenge assumptions to prove whether they are true or not; second, we've lost so much of our past that we've forgotten who we are and what as a people we achieved; and third (personally), for someone who is descended from Poles, Slavs, Russians and Ukrainians, I know next to nothing about my heritage. I studied Romans, Greeks and Celts, but can't recall anything in my textbooks about my ancestors aside from the fact that they were barbarians who slaughtered the civilized people of the world, which I am learning was only a small part of it. So, thank you for encouraging me (and my friends who are descended from Germans, the Balkan peoples and Eastern European Jews) for tweaking our curiousity and giving us a push to learn about who we are!

Michele Pupach



I just wanted to let you know that I did read your book. I have to admit I was some what concerned at first, due its placement in the women's section of the bookstore and not the history side. Fortunately, my concerns were misplaced and I found it to be exceptionally well thought out. Among the best I've ever read dealing with women in history.

Dave Allen

Aircraft Mechanic