The Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads (CSEN) has established a scholarship fund for archaeological and ethnographic students of exceptional talents in their fields, but who lack funding to participate in an excavation sponsored by the CSEN.

For millennia, vast regions in lands formerly under the control of the Soviet Union have seen the rise of many populations. From at least 2000 BC Bronze Age Indo-Iranian speaking Caucasoids inhabited the steppe lands and mountainous valleys from southern Europe to central Mongolia. As horseriding changed the economic dynamics, the Iron Age brought about the earliest nomads, the Scythians, Sauromatians, Sarmatians, and Saka. These people were replaced by Mongolian and Turkic speaking tribes that came to fore. As the centuries passed others, such as the Jewish Khazars, and Polotsvian nomads built fortresses and buried their dead in the southern Don River regions.

We are fortunate today that archaeology has opened to Western scholars and students in the former Soviet Union and Mongolia. As each year passes we find more students developing interests in these fascinating regions. However, the distances are tremendous and the costs often prohibitive for the best of our young people who need training at archaeological excavations in these regions. To help provide scholarships for deserving students, you may make a completely tax deductible donation to the CSEN Scholarship Fund. Donations are tax deductible in the year they are given. Please make your donation by Credit Card--click the appropriate icon at the right--or by sending a check to:

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CSEN is seeking donations from history buffs and archaeological and ethnographic affecionados to help students financially participate in an archaeological excavation, necessary to complete their school requirements. All donations are completely tax deductible. Funds may be earmarked for

  • a specific excavation as listed below

  • a specific student of your choice

  • the CSEN General Scholarship Fund to financially assist students selected by the CSEN Board of Directors

  • We suggest donations starting at $25.00 - $50.00

  • To donate using your credit card, choose an icon from one of the four below to designate your donation preference

Click below now to send your donation for the Golden Hills Khazar Fortress Excavations in the lower Don River region:

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Gaga Gazaryn Chuluu Survey in southern Mongolia

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