Visual Cultures of Mongolia 2016


Visual Cultures of Mongolia

August 8 - 20 2016

The Visual Cultures of Mongolia program is a 13-day exploration of Mongolia’s past and present seen in crumbling ruins, the rolling steppe, white-washed temples, nomadic homes, forested backcountry, modern museums, and ancient ritual sites.

The program is structured around four primary themes:


Spiritual Life of Mongolia

Material Culture of Mongolia’s Past

The Ruins of Empires Program

Participants will develop photographic and anthropological perspectives on the history, culture, religions, and artistic traditions of Mongolia from the deep past to the 21st century. You will visit and explore a variety of famous sites, live in Mongolian ger--traditional nomadic dwelling--and adventure on horseback, camelback, and foot in search of new vistas, forgotten finds, and remote places.

The Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads invites applications from adults of all ages and backgrounds who wish to expand their horizons through interactive learning in the field this summer.

For total program information please consult the Visual Cultures of Mongolia Handbook.

To apply, please complete and submit the Application.